Development with Disability

Initially, our editorial team was focusing on the matter of household toxins and the danger they pose to developing children. After a few rounds of discussion, we were met with only roadblocks along that path. The ideas we were generating skewed too much toward “scare tactics” or seemed overly alarming or were otherwise too “sciency” and technical.

Initially I settled on a Peter Pan concept to show the disparity between an inner healthy child, and one that might have limited ability to express those inner feelings due to developmental side-effects of exposure to toxins. Once the idea was completed in my head, I went over it all with the managing editor, who responded positively. The rest of the editorial team was then filled in, and they were all on board with the idea as well. From there, it was just a matter of finding a subject (an editorial team member’s son) and location (the shipping/receiving area at ASHA’s building). I photographed the surprisingly compliant subject in a variety of poses (from contemplative to exuberant) and did a little Photoshop work to replace the shadow and set the tone of the overall image.

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